Explore! Build! Die!

Day 6: Moving Units

It’s been a couple of days and we’ve been developing a lot of algorithms and now, it’s finally time to move on to gameplay. The most interesting thing at the moment is, that units can be moved around (on a straight line for now, proper pathfinding is in the making. We have no real models, so what you can see in the screenshot below is just a dummy earth model we ripped of from another project.

However, the infrastructure that’s been built by now, will enable us to do all the fun things to show off. Stay tuned for the updates, as I really think they will be much more frequent now.

There are only two days left on our schedule but we’ll get to some sort of prototype in the end.

PS: in case you’re wondering, why today is day 6: we both had unrelated things to do on Thursday, so that one does not count. :P