Explore! Build! Die!

Day 1: Hello World!

Hello, World! Today we (a small team consisting of… well, just the two of us) took up the challenge to develop a video game in 7 days. We had planned this for quite a while, to see if we can make a cool game.

Also we want do document our efforts in this blog and write a bit about our journey to world domination.

Now, this is our plan: the game is about building a civilisation in a blocky world combining elements from both real-time strategy and blocky/voxel-based worlds. There are probably quite a few similar games out there but we hope to make our own unique contribution to the genre(s).

The name of the game is qubarchy, a stylized, sorta ancient greek portmanteau meaning the “reign of the cubes”.

There are lots of ideas swirling around at the moment, we’ll tell you about it over the course of the next days. (Our personal deadline is next Monday o.O)

Today we wrote a simple world generator and started to implement the game logic. We zombiefied a game engine we had previously developed, so that gave us a bit of a head start, although getting all the software dependencies to run (again) cost some time too.

We use Python 2 as the programming language. Panda3D provides the graphics and sound engine and we use modern development principles like test driven design (when there is time for it cough) and continuous integration (when the server is up).

So, that’s it for tonight. Stay tuned for the very first screenshots! (Coming tomorrow, we promise ;) )